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Writing Groups

Participating in a writing group offers a number of perks


  • increased motivation to write

  • protected time to think and write in the company of others writers

  • the opportunity to hone your skills reading as a writer

  • the chance to get constructive feedback from me and your peers




Groups meet for three hours, once a month, through the

academic year. Some meet at my home in Belmont, MA, on the               weekend from 9 am to noon EST. Others are conducted on line               using a video conference format called Zoom and meet on the                 weekend from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm EST.


All groups are run as writing workshops so you can put what you learn immediately into practice.    

The cost for each three-hour workshop is $150 per person. I ask

for a commitment for the entire series of 8 workshops to protect           the continuity of the group. Most groups are limited to 5 or 6 participants.


Other formats may be developed as needed.        .

My focus is to help you


  • find your own voice

  • become the writer you would like to be


Contact me for a free initial consultation


  • to discuss your writing needs

  • to learn more about my writing groups


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