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B.A. University of Michigan (English), 1967

M.A. University of Sussex (American Studies), 1968

Ph.D. University of Chicago (History of Culture), 1989

M.S.W. Smith College School of Social Work, 2000


Awards and Fellowships

Phi Beta Kappa, University of Michigan, 1967

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, University of Sussex, England, 1967-1968

University of Chicago Humanities Fellowship, 1968-1970

“Best long essay of the year on Henry James,” American  Literary Scholarship, 1993

Post-Graduate Clinical Education

Graduate, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, 2014

Semsorimotor Psychotherapy Training, Part I, Completed March 2009

Attachment Externship with Dan Brown, 2007-2008

Advanced Seminar in Trauma and Dissociation with Janina Fisher,               2005-2006

EMDR Supervision Groups with Patti Levin (2005), Janina Fisher                            (2006-2007), Deborah Korn (2007-2008;2019)

EMDR Trainings, Parts I and II, 2005

AEDP Immersion Course with Diana Fosha, May, 2015

EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, 2019


Structure and spontaneity in clinical prose: A writer’s guide for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists. London and New York: Routledge. 2015


Between fate and destiny: Oedipus and reactive certainty in the consulting room. Psychoanalytic Dialogues 16 (4), 443-461. 2006


Write On! Notes for Clinical Writers.  Essays published in the MAPP News, Vol. 19 (1) (Winter 2004); NSGP Newsletter, Vol. XXV (2) (Fall 2004); MAPP News, Vol. 20 (1) (Fall 2004); Free Associations, the Newsletter of the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis 5 (1) (Winter 2005)


Mentors at the gate: Editors talk about clinical writing for journal publication.”(2003). Clinical Social Work Journal, 31 (3). 2003


Negro wench and platonic sweetheart: Images of splitting and integration in Samuel Clemens' dreams. Essays in Arts and Sciences. XXIII: 67-88. 1994


Brother longing and love: The example of Henry James." In C. Carrington, R. Hopcke, & S. Wirth (Eds.). Same-Sex Love and the Path to Wholeness. Boston: Shambhala. 1993


Archaic depths in Henry James's ‘The last of the Valerii.’ The Henry James Review 14: 151-165. 1993


A challenge to Apollonian mastery: A new reading of Henry James's 'most appalling yet most admirable' nightmare. In C. S. Rupprecht (Ed.) Dreams and the text: Essays on literature and language. 1993


'The true self in cold storage': Henry James and What Maisie Knew. Literature and Psychoanalysis. Proceedings of the Eight International Conference on Literature and Psychoanalysis. London, July 1991. 115-120. 1991




“Nichole Krauss’ A History of Love.” Six-class seminar for seniors at Lasell Village, Auburndale, MA, Spring 2014.


“A Writer’s Craft and A Psychotherapist’s Courageous Journey: Reading Annie Rogers’ A Shining Affliction.” Six-class seminar for seniors at Lasell Village, Auburndale, MA, Fall 2013


Faculty, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis. Clinical Writing Workshops, 2013, 2007, 2005, 2003, 2001


Issues in Research Seminar for Dissertation Students, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, 2007-2008


Faculty, New Directions Program, Washington Center for Psychoanalysis. Clinical Writing workshops, three 3-day weekends per year, 1999-2002


Harvard Extension, Expository Writing Course, one semester, 1996-97


Tutor in Folklore and Mythology, Harvard College, one-on-one junior tutorial, Alchemy, Spring 1997


Tutor in History of Science, Harvard College, one-on-one junior tutorial, Jung and Alchemy, Fall 1996


Harvard College, Expository Writing Courses, 1993-1997


Tufts University Experimental College. "Dreams and Fictions." An undergraduate course, 1992

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Writing Workshops, Seminars, Webinars


North Hellenic Psychoanalytic Association 2018-2019

"'Putting Skin in the Game': Risking Deeper Empathic  Immersion and Engagement with Our Patients and Writing More Openly about These Moments and Ourselves," International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology Conference, Chicago, October, 2017

"The Narrative and Conceptual Axes of a Clinical Paper," MIP Psychoanalytic Dimensions,  January, 2017

"The Evocative, Enactive, and Lyric Narrative Modes of Clinical Prose," MITO and NAAP, New York, April 23, 2017

"Writing for Publication in the Journal of Analytical Psychology," JAP Conference, New York, April 20, 2017

Writing Workshops for 1st-year Fellows, PINE, Boston Area, December, 2016

Writing Workshops for 2nd-year candidates, ICP +P, Washington, DC, Winter, 2016- 2017


"Deepening Your Practice on the Back of a Napkin: Writing Your Way to New Depths." MAPP, September, 2016, and for NScience, London,

via video conferencing, June, 2016

"Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical and Other Literary Prose,"

An Interactive Discussion, Eitz Chayim, Cambridge, MA, November, 2015

"Showing Up on the Page: Writing with Daring and Vulnerability," a Clinical Writing Workshop, International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education, Philadelphia, November, 2015


"Intersubjective Experience Up Close, Alive, and Contextualized: A Clinical Writing Preconference Workshop," International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, Los Angeles, CA, October, 2015


Full-Day Clinical Writing Workshop for the Program in Depth Psychotherapy, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, August 5, 2015


"Writing the Ineffable, Finding Words for the Numinous," A Preconference Clinical Writing Workshop, 4th Joint Conference of the International Association for Analytical Psychology and the International Association for Jungian Studies, Yale University, July 9, 2015


"Writing 'the Taste of Chocolate': An Interactive Preconference Clinical Writing Workshop," International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Toronto, CA, June 25, 2015

Graduate Colloquium, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, Cambridge, MA, May 2015

Meet the Author, Division 39, Spring Meeting, San Francisco, April, 2015


Colloquium, Massacusettes Institute for Psychoanalysis, Cambridge, MA,  April, 2015


Book Talk, Lasell Village (A Learning Community), Auburndale, MA, May, 2015


American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, Clinical Writing Workshop, National Conference, Durham, NC, March, 2015

New York Jung Institute, 3-Day Clinical Writing Workshop for Candidates, 2014


Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, LA, May, 2013


Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, April, 2013


“Variety and Voice in Clinical Prose: Reading, Writing, and Listening Differently,” Interactive Seminar, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, April, 2013


The Journal of Analytical Psychology’s International Conference, 2013, 2003


International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, International Webinar on Clinical Writing, 2012


International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, 2012, 2007, 2006


National Association of Social Work, Massachusetts, State Symposia, 2008, 2006, 2004


Division 39 Spring Meeting, Toronto, 2007


Massachusetts Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology, Chapter of Division 39, 2005


Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy, 2005, 2001, 2000


National Membership Committee for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, 2002


The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, New York, 2001


Past Presentations

                   (Other than writing workshops)

Clinical Presentation, International Conference of the Journal of Analytical Psychology, New York, April, 2017

Clinical Presentations, Brookline Community Mental Health Center, Brookline, MA, 2015, 2016, 2017


Clinical Presentation, International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education Conference, 2015

Clinical Presentation, Massachusetts Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology, 2007


Clinical Presentation, Rhode Island Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology, 2007


Clinical Presentation, National Membership Committee for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, 2004


Clinical Presentation, International Psychoanalytic Conference, Sicily, 2004


Clinical Presentation, Cambridge Health Alliance, Outpatient Department of Psychiatry, November 1999


Division 39, APA,1998


Henry James Sesquicentennial, 1993 (three papers)     


Conference on the State of Mark Twain Studies, Elmira, New York, 1993


American Literature Association, 1992


International Conference, Institute for the Psychological Study of the Arts, 1990, 1991


Modern Language Association, 1991


Association for the Study of Dreams, 1990, 1991


C.G. Jung Foundation of New York; New England Society of Jungian Analysts; C. G, Jung Society of New Mexico; C.G. Jung Society of Seattle (1989 -1992)

Administrative Experience

Allston Burr Senior Tutor (Academic Dean in Residence), Dunster House, Harvard College, 1994-1997


Executive Director, C.G. Jung Society of New Mexico, 1989-1991


Cofounder and President of the Board of Trustees, Rio Grande School (K-6), Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1978-1981, 1985-1987

Professional Organizations and Positions

Guest Editor, Psychoanalytic Inquiry issue, “Slouching Towards Bethlehem": Our Analytic Self Emerges. vol. 40 (2). February-March 2020


Editor, IARPP eNEWS, 2006-2008


Cochair, Crunch and Brunch Series, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis 2005-2007


Member of the Executive Committee, Massachusetts Association for

Psychoanalytic Psychology, 2004-2006


Editor, MAPP News, 2004-2006


Cochair, Works-in-Progress Seminar, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, 1996-1997


Consulting Editor for Dreaming, Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams, Ernest Hartmann, Editor, 1990, 1991




  •   Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis (since 1992)

  •   International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy    

  •   National Association of Social Workers

  •   Division 39 (Psychoanalysis)

  •   EMDR International Association

  •   International Association for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology